Vacation booty workout

Vacation is around the corner and we don’t want to loose the progress we made so far. But on vacation, accessing a gym isn’t easy. That’s why I made this booty workout you only need your body weight for! This means that the workout is focused on intensity, rather that weight. If you have weights at home, use them for some extra challenge.


Glute bridge – 2 x 50 – lay down on your back, arms beside youand your feet flat on the ground. Place them a little away from your butt and push up your butt. Make sure your back remains straight and push from your heels, not your toes.

Sumo squat – 5 x 20 -place your feet further that shoulder width apart, with your toes poiting outward. Make sure you push your butt back, so your knees don’t go past your toes. Go back up when your upper is parallel with the ground (or deeper down) and squeeze the butt at the top.

Bulgarian split squat – 5 x 20 – place one foot on a bench behind you, on the stairs or whatever you have. Place the other one only slightly in front of you. Make sure the bench is your leg lengths away from you, so when you lower your body, the knee you have in the front doesn’t bend past your toes. Push back up with the forward leg (and booty). Repeat for the other side.

Single leg deadlift – 5 x 20 – stand on one leg, hold the other in the air. ThenΒ lower your upper body by bending at the hip, your other leg with swing backwards, so your body will be parallel with the ground. Raise your upper body by using the strength in your hamstrings and booty. Make sure you keep your back neutralΒ throughout the exercise. Repeat for ther side.

Fire hydrant – 5 x 20- sit on your knees and elbows, your elbows shoudl be underneath your shoulders and knees about hip width apart. Keep your knee bent, and raise it to the side until it’s at hip level. Then lower it until you are almost back in starting position. Repeat for other side.

Donkey kicks – 5 x 20 – remain in the same position, but instead of raising your leg to the side, you will keep your knees bent and raise it behind you (like kicking back). Raise it until your upper leg is in line with your body and squeeze the booty. Then lower it back down. Repeat for the other side.

For all the ‘repeat for the otehr side’ exercises, it’s assumed you first finish all the repetitions on one side. If you don’t have enough time for 5 sets with 20 repetitions, just lower it so it does fit in your schedule. Have fun!


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